Review Policy

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At the moment I am taking any requests for book reviews. so if you’d like to work with me then, I’m happy to read your requests.



  • Book reviews (see details below)
  • Author interviews – I love meeting and talking to new authors so I am very open to this.
  • Product reviews (see details below)
  • Giveaways – I’m happy to work with you to promote your book/product via a giveaway!
  • Promote your book or product via my Blog, Instagram, Booktube and Twitter



If you would like me to review your book I’m happy to read every request. I’m sorry to say that I can’t accept every single one. If I do accept your request I can’t ensure that the review will be up immediately. If it’s an ARC I will post the review one month before or after the release date.

Book Review Guidelines:

  • Only Young Adult (YA) books – I talk mostly about YA books on this site and all across my social media, so please keep that in mind.
  • I do accept self-published requests if you’re willing to ship to the U.K.
  • No Erotica or Non-fiction, please.
  • If your book follows a diverse cast of characters, own voices books and book centering around marginalised groups, I’d be extremely happy to read it as I love promoting diversity in today’s literature.
  • Book formats I accept are; Paperback (ARC), Hardback (finished copy) and MOBI (for my kindle app)


I’m happy to review products as long as they follow the guidelines below. When reviewing these products, I will take photos and write a 100% honest review of said product. I will try my best to promote the product without being too persistent. If you have an Etsy or Redbubble shop, I’m happy to work with you to promote your work.

Products I’m happy to promote:-

  • I love fashion, so I’m happy to promote clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • Teas and coffees are also great especially if they’re bookish!
  • Any type of bookish merch.
  • Makeup and skincare products
  • Decorative house items
  • Hair products that work with curly hair
  • Electronic items such as headphones, speakers or phone accessories
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable products



When you send a request for me to review your book or product, please keep in mind that the review will be a 100% honest. I can’t ensure that I will write a 5-star review before I have read it. I’m not paid to write any book reviews and I will not be accepting any payments in order to write a positive book review. Honest reviews only.


Thank you for your request! I’m looking forward to reading it!