10 Bookstagrammers of the week!

I’m bringing back one of my favourite segments (only segment) of the week, where I feature 10 amazing bookstagrammers of the week! Do you have a favourite bookstagrammer at the moment? let me know in the comments below!

1. @dontgobrekkermyheart

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. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I adore Samantha Shannon’s writing. Getting to come home and see my bookshelves left me appreciative of the books I couldn’t bring to college with me, and TBS and Priory were two of the first to come to mind. To be honest, I’m just worried about these precious books getting lost or taken at college, so there’s the real reason they didn’t tag along with me to college.. 😂 Priory is by far my favorite work of Samantha’s. It’s just so intricate, fantastical, diverse, and politically ambiguous. It was far superior than my mind could’ve ever dreamed up. Then I heard that TBS #4 is going to be similar to The Mime Order when you compare it to the past books, and I am even MORE excited now since TMO is my favorite of the series. Plus, the location for the fourth book is just *gestures frantically* GREAT. If you listen close enough you can hear my pure screams of joy. 2019 is going to be a good year, and I certainly cannot wait for 2020 to follow right behind it. 🙌🏻❤️ P.S. My flight got canceled today due to the winter storm happening in the Midwest. I’m missing my major group presentation (basically a final) for a class, and my stress is through the roof. I honestly LOVE living out of state for college.. haha though it truly isn’t bad at all. I get to spend a few extra days with my family, and I couldn’t be happier on that front. The cancellation of my flight was for my safety and the others on the plane, and that shall always take first priority. BUT I really just needed to vent a little in the sentences above.. 😂 #theprioryoftheorangetree #theboneseason #themimeorder #thesongrising #samanthashannon #diversebooks #fantasy #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #reading #bibliophile #bookphotography #bookblogger #bookaholic #booktography #instareads #vscobooks #bookish #books #book

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Lauren is such a great friend, photographer and storyteller (her story times are crazy. I love them so much!) and she has such a professional feed. Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful and clean and her captions are really great to read as she’s such a great writer! I also met her IRL and she is just so lovely and genuine! 

2. @book.by.book

Jay is such a wonderful photographer! she honesty blows me away with every single one of her posts. You should definitely check her out if you love animals, too!

3. @alliembooks

Allie is such a great person and her love her posts so much! Also, she has such a great booktube channel that you should definitely check out!

4. @snowandbooks

Charlie’s account is so cute! I love everything about it! Her photos are so great! Also if you love musicals, then her account is perfect for you!

5. @lyrical.reads

Sara is the loveliest. I just love all of her photos so much, she’s so genuine and great and she also has a great blog you should definitely follow!

6. @flippedpages

This account makes me smile so much! Everything about it is just so great and lovely and THE AESTHETIC LEVELS ARE OFF THE ROOF! Yeah, so, basically, follow her.

7. @readwithtee

I recently discovered Tionna’s account on instagram when she followed me. I clicked n her account and I instantly fell in love with all of her photos. wow. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW HER!

8. @lattelibrary

The fact that Chloe hasn’t got all the followers shocks me. Her photos are so beautiful and artistic how is that even possible? I just love her account so much you definitely need to give her a follow!

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