Bookstagrammers of the Week!

Hello wonderful readers! So, a while ago I started this thing where I would share some of my favourite bookstagram accounts once a week.  I stopped it because I thought nobody really liked them. but I’ve gotten some messages saying that they loved it because they can find new accounts! So, here you go pals!

Before we start I want to say that these have not been put into any order at all. Every one of these accounts are amazing in their own way. I love them all!


bookstagram 2

1. @trufflebooks!

Tracy is such a sweet and wonderful person. She’s so genuine and loves what she does! I love her photos. She has come really far in the last year.. WOW!

2. @highfaereads

I mean… wow. what. a. queen. Her cosplays are freaking amazing. I absolutely LOVE her account so much. you can see so much effort and love goes into every single photo. WOW!

3. @heronwales

Yafu (aka the real life Emika Chen) is one of my dearest friends and she’s so awesome! If you love Warcross or anything to do with Marie Lu then you’ll most definitely love her account! She also has a booktube that I definitely recommend because she’s hilarious and I just love her channel so much!

4. @littlebookboys

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Hey hey hey it’s my birthday woop woop it’s been a great day. It’s also the last day of school so we get a two week holiday yay! I have loads of photos at the moment so I have no problem with posting. It’s also becoming autumn so it’s super cold which is good cause I was getting a bit sick of warmness. I am tagged in like three posts but I will get to them later. I’m hoping to get things for my room so I can buy paint and make it aesthetic side now it’s purple and gross. QOTD- do you celebrate your birthday? I do normally I actually have friends over right now and we’ve just been eating for like three hours straight. • • • • • • #book #bookish #booky #booktag #biblophile #picture #bookstagramfeature #read #reading #reader #pretty #roomempty #photo #photos #bookphotography #nature #instabooks #booktography #bookgram #booknerd #bookaholic #booklover #booklove

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I recently discovered Yolanda’s account after she liked a few photos of mine, and I instantly fell in love with her account. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

5. @Happilyyolivia

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I call this one my Kylie Jenner look.💋💋 . So I did took some portraits last weekend, and originally I want going to post any of them, but whaddaya know here we are. I just thought this was just too goofy and happy of a photo not to post! Plus it gives me the perfect opportunity to wish you all a wonderful day and rest of your week. I hope you spend it with the people you love, doing the things you love, and finding happiness wherever you go! And wow just at all this positivity just going around already, can’t you just fEEL IT!🙌🏼💛💛 . Qotd: what is one thing that makes you happy? . Music always makes me happy! I look forward to the parts of my day where I can just plug headphones in/blast tunes from my laptop and jam out to music that puts me in a good mood!

A post shared by ☆ olivia rose ☆ (@happilyyolivia) on

Olivia is such a kind person and her bookstagram is AMAAZIINGG!!!  She’s seriously so amazing and funny. you should definitely follow her for more amazing bookish content!

6.  @tianasbookreads

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↡ . ❝what character would you love to cosplay as? ( materials being provided for you ) . i had so much fun doing my lada cosplay it was the most fun i have ever had while taking pictures. lada is one of the few brunette characters that i actually like and also doesnt wear clothes that are impossible to find. if i could i totally would make this costume more detailed but unfortunately i dont have the materials. i mean i would totally steal @thatnerdydragon 's green cloak to replicate the beauty of the now i rise cover.❞ . 🍂 . . . [ #bookstagramfeature #bookstafeatures #bookishfeatures #cosplay #bookstagram #bookshelf #bookstagrammer #bookphotography #booktography #lada #andidarken #kierstenwhite #booktography #eatfloof #book #bookworm #booknerd #vscobooks #vsco ]

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She’s a goddess. wow. Tiana is such a wonderful friend and photographer. I really, really love her photos! She really does deserve more credit!

7. @roreads

Ro has such a magical, magical feed. I love her photos so much! I also love that she posts in both Spanish and English. that’s so awesome!

8.  @Bibliotheque

Goals, GOals GOALS!! her instagram is so pretty oh my gosh. I love her photos so, so much! Every single photo can be the cover of a magazine, I mean WOW. YES QUEEN SLAY!

9. @wanderlost.soul

I remember I started following her when I first started bookstagram. I’ve been so inspired by her account ever since. SHES THE QUEEN OF BOOKSTAGRAM

10. @bibliomeds

She has been such an inspiration to me since I started following her. I love her photos so,so much SO AESTHETIC OH MY I’M DYING ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks you so much for reading! Who are you favourite bookstagrammers at the moment?  I’d love to know!

❤ Fey

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