Ember Burning by Jennifer Alsever ARC Review

350807011Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

Title: Ember Burning

Author: Jennifer Alsever

Series: Trinity Forest #1

Genre: YA, Paranormal

Pages: 265

Format: Ebook ARC

Source: Received from author/publisher on NetGalley

Publisher: Sawatch Publishing

Date published: May 5th, 2017


*I’d like to thank the Author/Publisher for accepting my request to read this Through Netgalley*



This book contains mentions of physical abuse, rape, drug addiction and a few other things.


3.1/5 stars


if you like Riverdale, Supernatural or anything Paranormal and mysterious, then this is definitely a read for you!


This book was so awesome! though there’s a lack of diversity, I did enjoy the plot and the world that she (the author) has built. Some parts I found were a little bit cheesy but other than that I enjoyed the writing style and the dialogue. The reason I’m rating it 3.1/5 stars is simply for its lack of diverse characters as well as predictable character plots. I still enjoyed it and would like to see what happens next because the ending absolutely killed me, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, PEOPLE!! 

So in conclusion, this book is very fast paced and really good if you like mystery/spooky type reads.


About The Author

Jennifer Alsever

16825876A teenager still lives inside me. After two decades of working as a journalist, writing serious news for such publications as Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, I finally let my imagination run wild in 2015. The result is Ember’s story told in the three-book Trinity Forest Series, www.trinityforestseries.com. The first book Ember Burning is available on Amazon.com.

I live near Vail, Colorado, and when I’m not absorbed in writing or reading, I like a good hike, doing yoga, hanging with my boys, some moguls on skis, a rigorous mountain bike ride or the simple pleasures of life. My favorites: untouched snow, frozen chocolate chips, savasina on my yoga mat and yes, bowls of pan-fried brussels sprouts.

My first book, Ember Burning, has been described as a page-turning story ideal for fans of The Uglies, We Were Liars and Before I Fall about a teen grieving over her parent’s tragic death who becomes entangled with a mysterious forest teeming with urban legends of strange disappearances and witchcraft. The book opens up into a paranormal world of loss, mystery, love and survival as Ember searches for escape– and a path back to herself. The second book Oshun Rising will be out late this summer. And the third, Venus Shining, will debut this fall. 

Learn more about Jennifer and her books HERE

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