A Jot of Blood – Katherine Bayless ARC Review


35902256Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: A Jot of Blood

Author: Katherine Bayless

Series: The Coventry Years #1

Genre: YA, Paranormal, Mystery

Pages: 363

Format: Ebook ARC

Source: Received from author/publisher on NetGalley

Publisher: Scry Media

Date published: August 11th, 2017


*I’d like to thank the publishers of this book for accepting my review request on NetGalley*


This book was so awesome I really, really enjoyed reading it!

due to lack of diversity, this is 3.9/5 stars rather than 4. I really liked the idea of the story and I loved the Shakespeare reference. The writing style was really awesome, it wasn’t too fussy and the jokes and characters were delivered well. There weren’t any weird moments. I loved the swearing, it was a really nice touch as there wasn’t any ‘sexy times’ which I LOVED because, it can get boring after reading several YA books, and every couple ends up ‘doing the do.’ I like that it was surprising, I liked how it ended on a nice, but mysterious note; so, it could continue or be a stand-alone, though I really, really want it to continue!! If there is a second book, I would like to see a little more representation, such as sexual orientation as well as racial representation. The story got a little slow paced around the middle, but I still enjoyed it and it got straight into the action as soon the middle part finished. I’m really glad I didn’t DNF this book, as I thought I might. I love the world that the author has created, and I can’t wait to read more!


About The Author

4447316Katherine Bayless is a paranormal fantasy author and day-dreamer with an abundance of cherished hobbies and a cursed need for a nightly nine hours of sleep. When she isn’t writing, Katherine is a paper crafter, photographer, and occasional MMO player. She lives amid vast skies and ancient volcanoes in Central Oregon with her husband, three children, a sweet but shamelessly spoiled whippet named Patches, and Zeke, a cabinet-opening, treat-stealing commando that doesn’t know his own name because everyone just calls him Cat.

Keep up with Katherine and her books HERE

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