Who She Was by Stormy Smith Review

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Title: Who She Was           

Author: Stormy Smith

Song Choices:

Ride by Twenty One Pilots

Mess Is MIne by Vance Joy

*I’d like to Thank Stormy me Smith for contacting me and sending me a copy of ‘Who She Was’ in exchange for a review.*


Trevor Adler loathes the music he used to love, but it’s the key to his full-ride scholarship and the ticket away from his dysfunctional parents. To kick off their freshman year, Trevor’s roommate drags him to a frat party, where he ends up face-to-face with his childhood best friend and finds himself entrenched in memories he’d rather forget.

Unable to let Charlie go again without understanding the truth of why she disappeared from his life and chose to become the type of person they always hated, Trevor is relentless in his pursuit of the girl he once knew.

Charlotte (Charlie) Logan is broken. Under her perfectly-crafted exterior are the shards of a shattered heart. A handful of angry words changed her life completely and Charlie’s never been able to forgive herself for the truth she’s hidden from everyone.

While Trevor pushes Charlie to remember the music that lit her soul and the laughter they shared, they find themselves reverting to a banter-filled rhythm that feels all too familiar, yet different now. When Trevor’s own secrets come to light, it becomes clear he and Charlie both must face their tragic pasts if they have any hope at a future together.


*throws Who She Was at you* Shut up, and just read this book.

I’m kidding, but that’s basically how I feel. Anyway let’s just get into the review.

Okay, so first of all, If you’re triggered by; Suicide, abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction and a few other things, then I recommend that you shouldn’t read this as this books does touch all of those subjects and if you don’t like reading that sorta thing, or maybe you do want want to because of those reasons. But either way, best of luck on your book quest!

So, when you open the book, one of the first things you see is;

“To every lost soul:

Every day your presence impacts someone’s life.

You may never know the extent, but the universe put you

Here for a reason and we need you.”

That was written by Stormy herself. Just reading that, gave me that instant intrigue.

This book has so many quotes, oh geez… *melts from quote overload* How does Stormy do this?! *gives Stormy all the awards*  Like, how does one write like this? HOW? Anyway let me calm down… Okay, I can’t. Zero percent chill here. Trevor is frickin adorable, okay? He’s just, frickity frick frack wick wack what the quick quack paddy wack, cutest little bean of a person. His parents do not deserve such a precious bean. Okay so maybe his mum (if you read the book you’d get this), BUT STILL. Charlie took a few chapters for me to warm up to, but she’s actually amazing. She went through a whole load of crap in her life and so by the end of the book, I was like, “Yas.” and then, “Oh my goshness” and finally, “Holy sweetness on toast, I. Am. Dead.” Because of all of the crap she did go through, and her sucky family (they’re okay now don’t worry.) and though there was a whole bunch of horrid things, it also created and molded ‘Who She Was. Sorry, not was, IS. They were both exposed to terrible, terrible things. And they got through it. It really shows that your inner strength is the only thing that will actually help you. Yes there’s a lot of support from other people and families friends, etc. But I mean it’s like your immune system. You wouldn’t ask someone else to digest your food for you, or breathe for you. Same goes with emotions and thoughts. You are the master of You. I love the awareness this book has, it really made me realise how it can affect people. These things are real issues people go through every day, and most us just ignore it. Sure it’s great to think of lollipops and sunshine, but, we also need to realise how these things can affect people and how that’s their everyday life. Also, I’m not saying it’s not good to think of happy thoughts, and it’s absolutely fantastic to escape into literature or music or even just anything that makes you smile. Sorry i’m ranting… but it’s true.

Anyway back to le book.

So we also meet a few other characters, Darcy is freakin awesome, she’s sporty which is so awesome, as well as kind and compassionate. And there’s Sam who’s the smiliest happiest bean. I love that each character finds themselves by the end of the book. Because we’re all just little explorers following an invisible map to our personal neverlands. Can I talk about the outfits these characters wear, okay? I love the outfits and how they are so cool and so individual and suit each character so well. MUSIC, I forgot about the music. Okay so, this book basically revolves around music. *turns up radio* Beethoven is in da house! No really the way she writes about music is just so brilliant. I FRICKIN LOVED IT. so back to the whole we need music thing. We do need music, literature, art and we just need every single type of creativity. There’s still a lot of aggravation towards the creative side of things, but we actually have creativity all around us. The device you’re reading this on was made and designed with creativity the house you live in was (once upon a time) made with creativity. Everything is made with some sort of creativeness no matter how the amount. And I love how much creativity these characters have. They expressed themselves through the art of music. They found themselves through, guess what, music. It was seriously s touching to see how music touched their minds. Music and basically all the arts are how we express ourselves, myself included. Music is so beautiful because there’s so many different types and different sounds. Each song is a like a person and it’s astonishing to see how it affects our minds, Stormy captured the feelings of these people she created so, so well. Also the song wonderwall was really cool reading cus I sang along in my head as I was reading and it created such a wonderful ambiance. They play the piano in Des Moines, which is pretty awesome. Oh and I didn’t mention that she gave me little nick nacks from De Moines which was ooper awesome. So thank you Stormy! I link The things I got down below if you’re curious. It was so exciting reading this as it’s based reading a book based in a REAL place, because then one day if you ever wanted to visit that place, you can link the memory of that book to the place which is so so awesome!

I’d like to thank Stormy for Sending me some awesome ‘Who She Was’ related items, because “Des Moines; hell yes.” and for writing such an captivating story that I loved so much. Thank you, Thank you so much for reading! 

What I got in my review package

1. Des Moines: Hell yes. Keychain by RAYGUN – $3/£2.30

2. Someone Loves me CR sticker by RAYGUN – $1.50/£1.15

3. A coaster from a cafe called Centro Which is so awesome.

4. Arcade tokens from and arcade called Up-Down which looks SO COOL!

5. Wonderwall by oasis Music sheet

6. A signed bookmark for Who She Was of which I’ll treasure for as long as i can!

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