||Insta||#Firstbookishexperience Tag

This is only a short post but, I was tagged by my wonderful bookish friend @thebookishcourt ( on instagram) to do the #firstbookishexperience  tag where you talk about your first book that got you into reading. I can’t remember the very first book that I read, but I do remember my first #YAbook  experience so I read a lot of kids books and stories (mostly Roald Dahl) for most of my life, Until I was around 12, and I had a friend who was already reading YA, but I thought it was icky… 😂 anyway one day I saw her reading #CityofBones  and asked her (as the cover was quite misleading for a twelve-year-old) what it was about. She said it was an amazing book and that I needed to read it right away. So around a week later I bought the book second-hand, put it on my shelf, and LEFT IT THERE FOR THREE YEARS! why did I do that? Because I read the divergent series beforehand and thought all YA was the same and thought it sucked… And then one fateful morning I woke up with the flu and had nothing to do. So I picked #CoB  and fell in love with the #YAworld  thank you for tagging me! And thank you Cassie for changing my life with books! ❤❤

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