||Review|| Psy by Joey Slater-Milligan

My rating: 5/5

Song choice: Biting Down by Lorde

Synopsis (on the back of the book): Jessamine Baxter has grown up in a peaceful society where parapsychs and non-parapsychs – widely known as ‘laterals’ – are treated equally, but when Jessa’s own parapsych abilities begin to strengthen in unforeseen ways, she starts to suspect that parapsychs and laterals might be more different than anyone could have imagined.

As she grapples with the responsibility of her increasing power, Jessa’s abilities lead her to discover mysterious activity within the parapsych world. She teams up with her best friends and a history teacher to investigate further, and when they unearth the identity of the perpetrator, they learn that his intentions could have utterly devastating consequences.

Ultimately, Jessa and her friends are left with only one option – to bring down their new and dangerous adversary. If they can, a great tragedy will be prevented. If they can’t, the age-old peace between parapsychs and laterals will swiftly unravel.


Revieeeew:^ pretty cool right?^ So what was funny, when I contacted the author on Direct Message on Instagram, You know, asking if I could review her book and stuff. And at the same time, she E-mailed me asking if I could review the book. . . . I know, hilarious story.  Aaaaaanyywayyy.  The prologue REALLY got me into the whole vibe of the book.  I thought it was so awesome and kinda eerie. It’s not about ghosts, but I think it would make a great Halloween read. It’s a really well-written book, and it was easy to picture. It’s such a great story, it’s become one of my favourites.  Her writing style has a really nice flow and it really sucks you into the book, I enjoyed it so much!  It did take a long time for me to read it, as I bearly had time. So it took like a month to finish it.  It’s one of those stories that makes you think about it for days after reading it.  I thought Cecily was going to end up being nice, but she just kept on getting meaner and meaner. I kinda understand where she was coming from. . .  But still! Annora’s death really got to me. I cried actual tears.  ACTUAL, FRIGGIN, TEARS.  And what is Flynn and Tonia’s ship name? Flonia, or Tolynn?  I think the song really goes well with this book.  It just has that really cool vibe. This would be an awesome film!  It’s just so cool!  I’d like to thank Joey Slater-Milligan, for writing such an awesome, amazing, super, book. And giving me the opportunity to read and review It. You have given the world (and me) a gift!  

I know I haven’t written the most amazing, or longest, or even well-written review.  But you know what? I’m trying.  And hopefully, I can turn this into a career one day. But thank you for reading it anyway!

Fey ❤

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